Filbert Gateau with Praline Buttercream ( Daring Bakers)

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Filbert genoise, praline paste, praline butter cream frosting, sugar syrup, apricot glaze, and a ganache! Phew!! Those were all the components to this months Daring Baker challenge.

I must say It all got off to a pretty good start, I mean my cake itself (the genoise), came together perfectly, it rose nice and I was able to get 3 layers evenly cut.

I think the problem started here, although it doesn’t look that bad, I think I overcooked the sugar which turned into a bitter tasting caramel.

I proceeded to make the praline paste by putting the brittle into my food processor and just letting it go till it turned paste like.

I had no problem with this either, It looks pretty good doesn’t it?

Little did I know at the time that the bitterness of the caramel was going to affect the whole flavor of the cake!

Unfortunately that’s what happened, the whole cake had a bitter taste to it, even my Hubby who has a enormous sweet tooth couldn’t even finish his one piece, believe me, he wanted it to be good!!

So needless to say I was very glad that I halved the recipe. I used a 6×3″ pan, and stuck pretty much to the flavorings.

Oh, and my ganache, well that’s another story, I definitely need help in that department!

Mine never got thick enough it turned out more like a glaze, I probably should have added more chocolate to it, but I wanted to get it done as I was starting to lose day light.

I tried to cover a multitude of sins with my “fancy scroll work,” lol, which I did “Sandra Lee” style, by filling a zip lock bag with the frosting and then snipping the corner like a pastry bag.

Hey, you win some and you lose some! I don’t think “fancy cakes” are my forte’, but that’s what being a Daring Baker is all about, I definitely challenged myself! You should have seen my totaled kitchen, that would have been a great photo! lol

I want to thank our dear host this month Chris, over at Mele Cotte, go over there and you can check out the whole recipe. It was 5 pages long when I printed it out.

And don’t forget to check out the other Daring Bakers cakes, I’m sure there are some gorgeous ones out there!!

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  1. I burnt my first batch of pralines too! They were so dark and bitter. The next batch I made differently and they turned out great..but my cake! LOL.. I know what you mean by that’s what being a daring baker is all about!
    I love your butterflies!! 🙂 And your scroll work is pristine!

  2. I confess that I am not a butter cream lover, the ganache I can handle 🙂

    Great pics!

  3. I’m sorry you had difficulties with this recipe, but your cake looks absolutely beautiful. Good work!

  4. Wow, your cake looks beautiful, I am proud of you! You measured, I know it is not your thing. The scrollwork on the cake looks georgeous.

  5. I give you an A for effort! Its eems like the genoise was the best componenet for many.

  6. Your cake looks terrific, in spite of the issues you had!

  7. All I can say is BEAUTIFUL! I like you’re new blog header.

  8. …but your butterfly is SO CUTE! 😉
    This may not be your forte, but let them throw some savory dishes at you and you will shine girl! 🙂
    Big hug,

  9. I refuse to believe that your cake tastes bitter! It looks so darn pretty with all of your swirly-cues. Sorry about the bitterness…. I know how disappointing that can be. You gave it try – that’s saying something.

    Cute butterflies! I’m going to have to find some of those. I have a big fan of butterflies over here.

    xoxox Amy

  10. Dear Marie sorry by the difficulties you have but this look absolutely amazing and yummy!!! Gloria

  11. You are a daring soul, Marie, and honest! The cake looks terrific, though. I bet a big scoop of vanilla ice cream would mask any bitterness, but then, how could something that pretty be bad?

    You should share a picture of your “totaled” kitchen to make us all feel better. 😉

  12. OH My! I thought the reveal day was tomorrow, the last day of July! I just put my cake up on my blog 🙂 It came out pretty well except fro the decorative part of it.

    I like your squiggles marie! Thye are very modern and pretty! Great idea I’m going to use someday.

    This was some big Daring Baker challenge! I learned a lot!

    Hugs, Pat

  13. Marie – I love your fancy scroll work. Sandra Lee style, funny.

  14. Your final product looks great! I just joined this month, and I will be posting my cake when I get home from work tonight. I had issues w/ the praline paste, too, and ended up not using it.

  15. Love the way you’ve decorated your cake, pity the praline didn’t work but it looks damn good anyway!

  16. Wow to make it through, and it does look lovely.

  17. Your cake looks wonderful. Too bad about the taste. I love the fancy scroll work!!!

  18. It looks absolutely beautiful though Marie! I did the same thing with the ziplock bag, but the creative artistry was what I was lacking! Sorry you couldn’t enjoy it!

  19. your cake is very pretty I love the decorations, that must have takern alot of time to do!!

  20. Your cake looks great, Marie, and I like the butterfly touch.

  21. Love the scrolls on your cake Marie…they look ever so pretty, & the butterflies make it all look so magical. Sorry it came out bitter; what a pity. Mine was a bit sweet; wish I could have sent your sweet DH a slice!! Try starting off with a little less cream in the ganache. I melt the cream & chocolate together in a pan over low heat, stirring all the time. Just find that an easier way to make the blessed thing. Once you get a hang of ganache, you’ll never wanna let it go. I love the shine you got…& yes, daylight is the most important thing!!! LOL

  22. Your cake looks great! Nice job decorating it. It is too bad that the caramel came out bitter.

  23. That’s so odd that it came out bitter. I wonder why? Major bummer in any case. Well, you should still be proud in any case, because the cake is gorgeous and you definitely conquered that ridiculously complicated recipe!

  24. You daring bakers are something else…this cake looks soooo good on everyone’s page. I’m trying to figure out who will send me some – lol.

    We totally need a blog club for the folks who don’t bake. Daring fryers. Daring pasta makers. Daring vinegarette makers – lol.


  25. I love the decoration the cake looks like those beautiful exotic and tiny jewel boxes, I LOVE it.

  26. I’m in a daze after looking at your delicious photos. How did you stop yourself from eating the paste? I swear I could smell that praline caramel smell just looking at the photos! And the final product … beautiful! Your layers look soooooo good! Oh man, I want cake.

  27. What gorgeous work. I just couldn’t bring myself to make such a special cake in the middle of the summer. I’m waiting for Christmas or at least a birthday. But now I see your gorgeous pastry and I wonder why I didn’t make a party out of a summer night.

  28. I told myself I wasn’t going to gush, but yours is so pretty. So, consider yourself gushed at 🙂 I love the squiggly bits on top!

  29. It a pity about the bitterness. For some one whose forte isn’t “fancy cakes”, you’ve certainly proved otherwise. I love the way your cake looks.

  30. Very nice..and too bad we both threw our out!!! Oh well ya live and ya learn! Looks wonderful!!!

  31. oh my! At least your cake looked gorgeous! I love the photos!

  32. sorry about the problems you had with the recipe. But your cake looks great nevertheless! I stayed away from this month’s challenged as I wasn’t ready to have another cake after my disastrous opera cake:) looks like I am nod daring enough:)

  33. Your pic turned out beautiful of a gorgeously decorated cake. From what I read before, this is a pretty involved process for a cake…to say the least.

  34. I LOVE the scrollwork on your cake. You are what being a DB is all about:D

  35. I’m sorry about your caramel. It is very hard to know when it is just right!

  36. As I read through the blogs, I can see this challenge has been a tough one for everybody. Your cake looks so scrumptious.

  37. Ooo, your cake looks amazing! I love your decorations and your pictures!

  38. Nothing like taking a month to get over here and see this wonder. Absolutely gorgeous! And nice job on that paste. I thought mine would never come together. What a bummer on the bitter taste — I’ve definitely done that a few times.