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If You’re lucky enough to come across some Burrata cheese, please don’t hesitate to pick some up. Yes, it’s a little pricey, but worth every single penny! It’s a food experience you’re not likely to forget. I happen to be at the right place, at the right time, the other day when I saw a special display of Burrata set up over at Whole Foods.

Imported from Italy, this artisanal cheese has a very short shelf life of about 2 weeks because it is fresh and not aged at all. This is not something that Whole Foods has in stock all the time, they try to get it in on all the holidays though. Even they were surprised when they got this shipment in. They tell me when it does come in it sells out so fast, so that’s why I said I was there at the right time. Lucky me there was 3 left!
Don’t you just love the packaging!!

The best way to describe Burrata is think fresh mozzarella kicked up a couple hundred notches, with a luscious creamy-like center that’s filled with a mixture of heavy cream and stracciatella (little rags) or curds of mozzarella. When you burst open the center everything oozes out!
This must be eaten at room temperature for maximum flavor and creaminess.
I roasted some Campari tomatoes with olive oil and purchased some spicy olives to go along with it, and of course some warm crusty bread!

I can’t think of a better way to spend a relaxing Sunday afternoon, sipping on some cool crisp white wine to go along with our Burrata treat, al fresco style!

You can also cook with Burrata, you can put it on pizza or any number of things.
But Me… I prefer it in it’s purest form, just like this!! I urge you to seek out this cheese if you’ve never tried it, and savor every bite!!

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  1. I found this from a link on a blog post from ‘The Worst Vegan in The World’ on the Cooking Channel’s Devour blog – and yes, this could change anyone’s mind about cheese. So beautiful, I would love to sit at your table – hooray for the Proud Italian Cook!

  2. Marie, that is absolutely gorgeous. I love your table setting, and of course the glorious-looking cheese itself, and your wonderful tomatoes and olives. Wow! I have never had burrata and now I feel like I can’t go another day without it.

  3. It looks luscious! I have never had it before, but I could so eat that plate for dinner, with a nice glass of wine…OH YEAH!

  4. I am surely getting Burrata after reading all this!

  5. Can you see you live in America and can get hold on burrata and me living in Spain I can ‘t even get a decent mozzarella! That’s life, ironically 🙂

    I have been away for too long from your blog….:(
    Your last posts are all delicious :O Really good pictures too.
    Un bacione,

    Congrats for being feautred on the Chicago Tribune!!!! 🙂

  6. Oooooooh! Yum! I love the new look of your site, too! 😀

  7. Daddy was right, the burrata is mouthwatering. Beautiful pictures too

  8. Oh my gosh!! I can imagine this cheese pouring out of a puff pastry!! I just found a local cheese purveyor here in our historic downtown district. I’ll have to go see if they have any. 🙂 And Marie.. I agree with the gazillion of commentors.. your photo’s are spectacular and make our mouths water! 🙂 Hugs!

  9. I am not a cheese person but goodness woman! You make me want to have some of that Burrata and just the way you’re having it, with bread, spicy olives and roasted tomatoes and washing it all down with the chilled white wine – don’t wake me up, I’m in heaven!

    I’d never heard of this cheese before so thanks for the intriduction.

  10. This cheese is new to me, but I am going to have to try and find it. Sounds so good!

  11. Wow – I haven’t stopped by in a while and I have to say – I LOVE your new look! Almost as much as I love burrata!

  12. Man I need to get some of this cheese. I love fresh mozzarella so anything that is hundreds of times better is definitely worth every penny.

  13. i just had some in LA at osteria mozza. just the best. i’ll be on the look out for some at my whole foods for sure. and yes, simplicity is best.

  14. Thanks Gabi!

    Pat, Wow, It’s not at my Cosco at all!

    Shirt Dis,I hope you find it!

    Erin, The roasted tomatoes went perfect.

    cheryl,That’s great!

    Prudy, Italy in the fall? Bliss!

    Psychgrad, Sometimes the water it’s packed in seems to make it go faster.

    Kathy, Thank you, It’s proudly displayed!

    Pat, I totally agree!

    Dee, It’s not that coomonly known, YET!

    Nicolletta, Oh, lucky you!

    Dhanggit, Go there quick!

    Casalba, It was a nice day!

    Wanf, What a great story!

    Jenny, Hunt it down!

    Isa, That’s the best way!

    Shayne, It really is!

    Gloria, So tasty and so good.

    Cheryl, I’m so excited for you!

    Susan, Im sure Dad would stock this in his basement if he could! lol

    Bren, Hi famous one!, please do email it to me

    Knitting, Thank you!

    Sandi, “whole paycheck” so true, but worth it sometimes.

    Lori Lynn,I remember that post, I have to revisit it again. I woul love to do that!

    Farida, I have never seen it at my Cosco at all, I wonder if its imported from Italy?

    Giz, I would have loved to share it with you!

    Amy, You must put it on your “to do ” list!

    Glam, Oh, I’m so glad!! So you think it’s divine huh? I knew it!

    Johnny T. You have an open invitation! Thanks for your kind words, I can tell, you really miss your old hangouts! You need a trip home. I’d be happy to Fed Ex you some good bread in the meantime!

  15. Marie-

    W O W.. I think I may seek a transfer to Chicago and beg for an invite to your house some time(s!)… what can I say… you are an artist- you create your art with food and fotos (is a toss-up between you and maryann over who is Leonardo Da Vinci- you may have to share the title)… This picture… the bottom one… is right next to where I am writing… I can’t take my eyes off of her… the tomatoes look roasted to perfection… the cheese… Mamma Mia- what can I say about that??… is the bread really as crusty on the outside as it looks?… the inside looks so light and airy… reminds me of the Pane Di Casa at Addeo’s on Arthur Ave in the Bronx… even if it isn’t as good as it seems, tell me it is… I can only live vicariously through you with all the lifeless lumps of dough I get out here… like glorified Wonder bread… I shudder thinking of it… Haven’t made a trip home in a while to get some good bread… I really need to… Thanks for sharing Marie… it hurts, but in the best way possible… I’ll be writing soon, so keep a weather eye out.

    Johnny T

  16. I just got some at Whole foods. Its divine. Im eating it simply with some crostini, spinach salad, and smoked salmon.

  17. Oh, Marie, I hope I can be as lucky as you one day! This looks like a little taste of heaven. I hope to try this one day.

    xoxox Amy

  18. Burrata cheese is totally unfamiliar to me but I’m going to watch for it. I have a fabulous Italian cheese shop really close to me. The whole experience looks wonderful. Too bad I wasn’t there.

  19. I have never tried burrata in my life, or maybe I did and I didn’t know it was burrata:) Looks great! Just read that Costco carries them. Great! Will check it out!

  20. Hi Marie – Oh I love Burrata! Your photos are wonderful, so fresh and summery.

    I had the great experience of making burrata at Cal Poly Farmstead Cheesemaker Course in San Luis Obispo, CA. It was a week long course, we had a blast, made all different kinds of cheese…Highly recommended.

  21. I am off to whole foods~ or whole paycheck as we like to call it.
    Some things are just worth it!!

  22. I’m keeping a watchful eye out for this cheese. Never heard of it before. Thanks for the information and the ‘how too’ prepare it in it’s purest form!! That’s my kind of meal any day of the week!!!

    Your presentation is wonderful…

  23. it all looks so freakin’ good and fresh. and even has a sexy appeal…
    this is summer goodness all around.

    there’s cool vid on youtube on how to make your own cheese. I’ll find the link and email it to you. You’ll be so amused and inspired to make it!

  24. We bought some burrata last year when my parents were visiting. I think my dad is still talking about it. That last photo is making my stomach growl with hunger, Marie. It looks sooo good. 🙂

  25. Oh Marie!!! I just talked to my little Italian Deli over here on the east side…and she will have some in on Tuesday morning! I’m THERE!!

    Thank you so much for the lesson on good cheese! Of course, it could taste like glue but your pictures made it look like a million bucks!

  26. Marie this look absolutely delicious and tasty, Marie, really beauty pictures! xxGloria

  27. ooohhhhh this looks so good and perfect for this time of year.

  28. That cheese sounds amazing! I’ll so have to try Burata 🙂
    And I love how yoy enjoy it. Simple but so delicious

  29. Wow, I’ve got to go hunt ths cheese down quick. What a fabulous looking meal! Great recipe Marie!

  30. burrata is some of my favorite stuff in the world. the last time i ate it (besides some nasty stuff i bought in the grocery store – your stuff is the real deal and EXACTLY the same stuff i ate in italy) was last summer in bologna. me and my husband were craving it, so we first stopped at the cheese shop and bought the burrata, then across the street to the bread shop and bought a long stick, then next door to the vegetable stand for a tomato and finally realized we needed a knife. To the kitchen shop which just happened to be near the bread shop.

    All this for burrata. Sat on a park bench in Bologna and let that goo drip all over us. we had to use the paper bag the bread came in as napkins. It was worth it, but DO NOT (i repeat) DO NOT try and eat a whole thing of burrata w/ 2 people.You’ll want to throw up. but it’s worth it.

    i’m so happy it’s finally making it to the states! i highly recommend this cheese. Just remember – it only has a shelf life of about 3 days. so you should always as your cheese monger when it was made – the fresher the better.

  31. That looks absolutely delicious and the setting is perfect.

  32. oh lala..im jealous..looks really yummy this burrata!! need to find the nearest italian cheese store in our place to buy some!

  33. Hmmm, the sexiest cheese on Earth… Great pictures. I feel lucky I grew up in Puglia with tons of fresh burrata around me (and inside me hehe)! 😀

  34. I so want this. NOW. It looks so yummy; I can’t believe I’d never heard of it before this.

  35. To me that is complete heaven!!!! What a way to enjoy a Sunday!!!

  36. Your blog is absolutely beautiful, and your post on Burrata (both words and photos) is mouth-watering!

  37. I recommended your blog to all my friends in todays post and have an award (no rules, just to say thank you for all the wonderful recipes). Hope you come over to pick it up. Kathy.

  38. This looks delicious! I bought some bocchini the other week. I bought it on the Thursday. By Tuesday, it wasn’t good anymore. Is that normal?

  39. I love burrata but it is hard to find in my small town. I’m going to get my fill when I go to Italy this fall. Is it possible to get your fill on something so divine?

  40. My mouth is watering!! I just called our local Italian Deli and she is going to inquire about ordering it locally for me since we are miles from a Whole Foods!

    Thank you so much for the info! Looks divine!

  41. What a beautiful spread! I love roasted tomatoes, and it sounds perfect with the cheese.

  42. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this before. I am totally going to Whole Foods ASAP to see if they have some at my local branch.

  43. I’ve found it in my local Costco too! It is too good to do anything but eat alone and savor every creamy & piquant bite ……mmmmmmm

  44. Oooooh I’ll have to try some if I can find it! Your pics are beautious!

  45. Sounds like a great time and a great lunch Bridgett!

    Anonymous, I’ll check it out.

    Peter, Civilized??

    Kevin, I hope you find some.

    Nina, It is so gooood!

    Kathy and Paula, Call around, I’m crossing my fingers I hope you find it!

    Joanne, Just to be able to get it when you want it is amazing to me!

    Val, Thanks about the plates,little scenes of Tuscany, I hope you find it too!

  46. I will have to ask them about this cheese at our local Italian grocer. If I find it you will see it posted for sure. Love your plates by the way..it’s like being in Italy:D

  47. It isn’t getting a good burrata here in Milan either. The best come from Puglia and if you don’t have a trusty cheese guy to get it from, things can get a little dicey. But you are right about how amazing it is and I love the way you served it.

  48. Oh my, your antipasto plate looks amazing. Those tomatoes look fantastic, as does the bread, cheese, olives, and wine. I’m going to call my Whole Foods asap tomorrow morning as see if they were lucky enough to get a delivery of this cheese. If so, it will have my name all over it! Another lovely post. Yum, Yum, YUM!

  49. Burrata sounds and looks delicious, I will be looking out for it from now on. Kathy.

  50. I would have enjoyed it just like that too. I don’t know the cheese at all, but it sure looks GOOOOODDDD!!!!

  51. That Burrata cheese looks so creamy and good! I will have to look for it.

  52. The cheese is noted! You, me lady know how to dine al fresco…very civilized.

  53. Anonymous says

    Have you read “The Wedding Officer”? It will make you appreciate burrata even more!!

  54. That looks just like the lunch I made saturday for my husband and I, just trade the burrata cheese for fresh mozzarella. Now you have me interested in finding this cheese! I love your little plates, those are darling.

  55. Barb, I saw that with Lydia too. Sorry I can’t save you a bite, it went bye bye! (next time)

    Jen, and Courtney, I know you would love it!

    Joe, It was!

    Rowena, I’m so jealous!!!!

    Susan, Check out your Whole Foods, they might be able to tell you when they’re getting some in.

    Nicole, Come on over and bring the family!

    Ohio, Thanks, my Hubby was proud of how green “his” grass looked in the photo. It’s a guy thing!

    Hi Maryann!! It’s a good evil though isn’t it?

  56. Oh, that stuff is just evil ..lol. It’s soooo good.
    hey Marie! Your photos are looking great these days! 🙂

  57. Wow, this looks great, especially the setting 🙂

  58. Wow! I am absolutely loving this! Can I come over???? This is just about my favorite kind of meal. Amazing cheese, good wine, crusty bread and fixin’s…. outside in the summer. Totally Italian!

  59. Oh boy! I am so jealous! I haven’t had burrata in years! What a treat to find it at Whole Foods. It looks fabulous!

  60. Marie you know the good stuff when you see it! After reading this I appreciate even more on the fact that I can just order mine and go pick it up. We just did for our CSA-type shopping and burrata was the first thing on the list! Yummmmmmmmm!

  61. that looks like the perfect summer meal Marie…

  62. YUMMM. I must experince it one day.

  63. I’ve never heard of this, but it looks fabulous. The way you chose to eat it looked wonderful, too!

  64. Oh, mamma-mia! Does that look good, Marie.

    I remember one of Lydia’s cooking sessions on PBS when she talked about Burrata — it looked, and sounded divine.

    I hope I get as lucky someday to stumble across it at one of my local markets. And you paired it up so simply and beautifully with the roasted tomatoes and olives — and of course, the crisp white wine.

    Save me a bite!

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