Our Festa Italiana, certainly was a celebration of the “sweet life”. All our amazing friends gathered with us bringing the most delicious food and drink! Our table was a true Italian feast!!!
We gathered until the wee hours of the night, talking, eating, drinking, as the music played all night long! Please take the time to browse all these wonderful blogs to see what everyone brought to our table. And thank you, thank you, to all who participated!!!
I only wish this could happen in the real world!!

Val at More Than Burnt Toast brought Wrapped Bocconcini Spiedini.

Susan at Porcini Chronicles brought Escarole and Beans.

Lori Lynn at Taste with the Eyes brought Pistachio Crusted Lamb, Pomegranate Glaze.

Linda at Milanese Masala brought Frittata Verde con Pancetta.

Gloria at Canela’s Kitchen brought Tortoni di Mandorla.

Amy at Familia Bencomo brought Cozze Italiano

Susan at Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy brought Pizza Rustica.

Laurie at Dalla Mia Cucina brought Butternut Squash Gnocchi with Crema di Fontina.

Lisa at La Mia Cucina brought Italian Chicken Wings and Potatoes.

Jenn at The Leftover Queen brought Polenta Lasagna with Fire Roasted Tomato Sauce

Haalo at Cook Almost Anything at Least Once brought Torta Meringata con Mele.

Harmony at Wholesome Feasts brought Utica Tomatoe Pie.

Lorraine at Italian Foodies brought Minestrone Soup.

Ohio Mom at Cooking in Cleveland brought Calcioni Piccanti.

Neen and Do at Post-Collegiate Cooking a’Deux brought Pasta Arrabiata with Argula.

Jenny at Picky Palate brought Double Mozzarella Turkey Burgers with an Artichoke Remoulade & Crispy Pancetta.

Anna at Morsels & Musings brought Cassata Gelata.

Jerry at Jerry’s Thoughts, Musings, and Rants brought Jamie Oliver’s Slow Cooked Duck Pasta.

Barbara at Barbarba Bakes brought Lighter Chicken Parmesan.

Claudia at Eternal Rewards brought Fettucine Alfredo.

Dellene at Cooking and The City brought Chicken Cacciatore.

Ben at What’s Cooking? brought Italian Stuffed Zucchini.

Judy at Judy’s Gross Eats brought Neopolitan Panna Cotta.

Roopa at My Kitchen Treats brought Vanilla Panna Cotta.

Katie at Thyme For Cooking brought Piccata al Marsala.

Theresa at Food Hunter’s Guide to Cuisine brought Tagliatelle Bolognese.

Anne at Cooking with Anne brought Lasagna Rolls on Sauce Bechamal.

Imma at Caffeine for 2 brought Cinnamon “Angelica”

Deeba at Passionate about Baking brought Coffee Chocolate Panna Cotta.

Wandering Chopsticks brought Penne with “Italian Sausage” and Fennel.

Kitchenetta at Got No Milk brought Peasant Polenta Pie.

Lisa at Food and Spice brought Cannellini Bean Soup with Fontina Gremolata.

Mansi Desai at Fun and Food brought Baked Rigatoni with Homemade Garlic-Basil Tomato Sauce.

Saralynn at Happy Baker brought Homemade Spaghetti Sauce, sorry a photo wasn’t included.

Sandi at Whistle Stop Cafe Cooking brought Tiramisu

Psychgrad of Equal Opportunity Kitchen brought Calzones

And finally my addition was my Braciole

I want to thank my dear friend Maryann, who hosted this event with me, it was so much fun to do it together! Please go over to her blog, Finding La Dolce Vita, to view the other half of these amazing dishes that were brought to the “Festa” If we goofed and missed your dish please let us know right away, we don’t want to forget anybody!

Thanks again, each and everyone of you!!!!

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  1. What an amazing festa. I got hungry looking at all that delicious food!

    Thank you for a great event!

  2. Oh! I am so full just from looking at all these great Italian recipes. Thanks for this event and my inclusion, and let’s get together again soon!

  3. Marie, Grazie to you and Maryann for taking the time to organize a huge event.

    I’m stuffed just from looking at all the dishes.

  4. Great roundup! There are a lot of tasty looking dishes in it.

  5. Yumm!!!! Job well done!!! I want to eat them all.

    Tanti baci, Amy

  6. The SWEET LIFE, indeed! I’m stuffed!

    Thanks again Marie and Maryann, this was so much fun! Ooh, there are so many recipes I can’t wait to try…

    Congratulations on such a successful celebration.

  7. So much food enteries and so much variety. Hats off to you too for a most succesful event!

  8. prouditaliancooksdaughter says

    Wow Mom! Are there leftovers? 😉

    What a great turnout you both had!

  9. This is SOOO good I have to comment twice! I know I will use this page as a reference for some future meals. I love it that so many people shared your & Maryann’s enthusiasm! Looking at all of these tempting dishes reminds me that I just ate a bland dinner & now I feel like I committed a carnal sin (boohoo!).

    Tanti baci, Amy

  10. Molto piacevole! With this round up and the other 1/2 over at Maryann’s – I am in Heaven! Man, we Italian’s know how to throw down! hee hee!

  11. Fabulous round up- I truly wish we could sample all of these wonderful Italian dishes- what a true fiesta it would be! Guess I’m going to have to go through them all over the next couple of years!

  12. Terrific roundup, Marie! Each dish looks more wonderful than the last! I’ll be really busy trying some of the out!

    Thank you for hosting this fun event!

  13. Marie and Maryann,
    All the food looks così buon! Thank you for being such wonderful hosts, it was a beautiful and spectacular celebration! Can’t wait till the next Festa!

  14. What a delicious looking assortment of goodies! I am quite full now after seeing all the wonderful pictures!

  15. tante ricette buonissime!

    grazie tutti.
    e grazie a maria e maryann!

  16. Excellent job by both of you, can’t wait to try some of these myself!
    Buon appetito!

  17. Complimenti a Marie e Maryann! What an amazing round-up!! It’s 9:30 am here and I’m already salivating.

  18. What a round-up! Can’t wait to go around and check out all these fabulous recipes. Thanks for organizing Marie 🙂

  19. Lovely round-up Marie:) So many variety of dishes:) Thanks for organizing this event Marie:)

  20. Of course I am always the first to arrive and help arrange the dishes on the long tables (this emulates real life as well :D). I had a great time, danced all night and drank too much wine…good thing because I also ate too much as well:D

  21. Really was a pleasure Marie, and think all dishes are wonderful I have to try some recipes, what’s variety and beauty!!! xxxGloria

  22. Thank you, thank you, thank you for hosting such a wonderful event! It was really fun, and I can’t wait to read all of the entries… fantastic roundup, ladies!

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  24. What great fun this event was, great looking food and desserts. Thanks Marie and Maryann for hosting this event.

  25. hey! here is the site i was talking about where i made the extra $800 last month, checkit out… the site is here

  26. Marie and Maryann,
    What an amazing array of dishes! Thanks so much for hosting this great events!

  27. Well, I see I have my work cut out for me to try a lot of these offerings. Everything looks fabulous. Grazie.

  28. 😉

  29. YUM! thanks Marie.

  30. Just amazing how many wonderful Italian recipes are being shown off here. I plan to visit each and every one!

    Wonderful event!

  31. Everything looks sooooo good! Thanks guys for hosting this wonderful Festa!

  32. Wow! What a feast. I think I stuffed myself silly. 😉

  33. Salute, Marie and Maryann! What a delicious feast — thanks for being such gracious hosts. I’m getting full already and I only tried the Peasant Polenta Pie and the Coffee Chocolate Panna Cotta. But wait, if I dance a little more, I will make more room! Grazie, Bella!

  34. It may take me a while, I have to get over the hangover first, but I want to check out all these sites, there are some delicious recipes here. Thank you so much for organising this, both you and Maryann have done a great job it looks fantastic. Brava!

  35. Marie- Just stopping in from Maryann’s- you two are amazing… as are all that were able to attend. Technical difficulties kept me away, confirming to me why pencil and paper have heretofore been my medium of choice. (Maybe next time, you can bend the rules and let me bring two dishes- one for the new Festa and the “one that got away” on this Festa)
    Thank you for all the time and effort involved in organizing this- I look forward to the hours I will spend perusing the sites of the contributors… and all the recipes I plan to imitate as best I can…

    Johnny T

  36. Ooohh! I am so hungry now! What wonderful looking food!
    Thanks for hosting this event!

  37. If I had found a whole monkfish, I would have submitted it in some form à la italiana for this Festa event. I think it would’ve made an interesting conversation dish. 😉

  38. Simply spectacular! all italian delicacies under one roof! thanks for a fabulous round of hosting:)

  39. I was just telling Maryann, I agree with you two as I wish this party could be real! What a great event you two “cooked up”! Nice job! Looking forward to visiting every entry! Too fun!

  40. This just proves that EVERYONE loves Italian food, and for obvious reason. These dishes look spectacular!

  41. Agree with Susan above.

  42. Such a beautiful blog. Everything looks so delicious!

  43. Such a beautiful blog. Everything looks so delicious!

  44. What a great roundup – now, where to start?

  45. Grazie per tutto Marie! Thanks to you and Maryann for a great party- can’t wait to sample everone’s dishes!

  46. What a great round up of extremely appetizing dishes! I didn’t get it together in time to participate in this one. Next time…

  47. What an inspiration! It must have been an amazing gathering. Love your site!

  48. Thank you everyone once again for participating and joining us at the Festa, we could’nt have done it without you all!!! 😀

  49. Looks amazing and is personally inspirational! Thank you for sharing!

  50. can you imagine if that had happened in real life!!! wow!!!

    oh my goodness! what a great thing you had!

  51. Sorry I’m late for the festa…any leftovers for the poor me? That is one stunning collection…I’ve bookmarked & bookmarked. Thank you Marie & Maryann for the wonderful spread. Wish their was something like virtual blog reality!

  52. Sorry I’m late for the festa…any leftovers for the poor me? That is one stunning collection…I’ve bookmarked & bookmarked. Thank you Marie & Maryann for the wonderful spread. Wish their was something like virtual blog reality!

  53. Sorry I’m late with my thank you – you were a lovely host and the party was fantastic!
    I may have eaten (and drunk) too much… I was feeling a bit, um, overwhelmed the next morning.
    Thanks again, lovely time!

  54. I just discovered your blog, but I love the variety of Italian food you have to offer! I’ll definitely be visiting again soon :).

    Flour Arrangements

  55. I am new to the food blogging world but love your Festa event! Not only are there great ideas to make, my mother’s name is Loretta Festa so I must be a part of the next one to make her proud. Grazie!

  56. Fabulous roundup – oh my goodness – so many recipes – all of them fantastic – my head is going in circles already – many blogs to visit. You’ve done a wonderful job!