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I love pesto! or for that fact, anything with basil, so it’s no wonder that I always keep a jar of it stocked in my pantry,or in my freezer when I make it homemade. I think it enhances a lot of dishes and it’s a way to add a lot of flavor. Pesto is exceptionally good when brushed on shrimp, and oh so easy to prepare!

I decided to grill my shrimp inside because A, it’s too cold outside!!, and B, I wanted a good excuse to use my new Le Creuset grill pan!! I love the size of it, not too big, and not too small, fits perfectly on one burner, and great for grilling shrimp. But of course any indoor grill pan will do.

Another thing I always have in my house, are those sweet little Campari tomatoes, I always have a bowl of them sitting on my counter. To make this sauce, I just slit the top and bottom of each tomato, put them on a cookie sheet with olive oil, crushed garlic, salt and pepper. Roast them at 400 Degrees till they pop open a little, and the juices start to run. Pour everything over some hot pasta, oil and all,, and mix in some fresh basil!

If you don’t feel like having pasta, the shrimp certainly stands alone by itself, I usually marinate them for about an hour in a ziplock bag with just some crushed garlic, a little olive oil, salt and pepper. When they’re on the grill, then I brush them all over with the pesto.


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  1. By request, I’m making this again for dinner tonight…. Thanks again for posting this yummy meal!

    Tanti baci, Amy

  2. THANK YOU! Yet another success in the kitchen! I have had my indoor grill (thx mom!) for years & have never done shrimp. Why?!?! It was soooo super-easy & tasty. I can’t wait to see what you post next – our family depends on it!

    xoxox Amy

  3. It all looks so beautiful…and your new Le Creuset grill!!! Very cool 🙂 My husband say’s we’re in need of new pots and pans and I keep leading him to my bookmarked pages with the red set, maybe for Valentines day he’ll start me out with the red heart shaped pan. 🙂
    I’m craving basil grilled shrimp now!

    Take care in Chicago,

  4. YUM! We were planning to sell our le creuset griddle pan but think we’ll need to keep it to make your delicious spaghetti recipe.

  5. You can serve me this daily and I would never, ever complain 🙂

  6. These look wonderful!!! I love pesto and cannot wait to make this weekend!! Thanks for the recipe and great photos!!!


  7. I’m glad I found your site because everything looks del;icious! I am a big fan of pesto as well, and it definitely sounds great on shrimp.

  8. I am SO set for the first Friday of Lent!!! Thank you. Have the pesto, pasta & pan – just need the toms & shrimp. Gotta love a short shopping list.

    After the success of last night’s meal, I’m REALLY looking forward to this one!

    Grazie mille, Amy

  9. This looks wonderful, really!!!!Gloria

  10. Mmmm…I’ve never had pesto on shrimp but I do have some homemade frozen. Sounds delicious!

  11. Thank you everyone soooo much for all your kind comments, I truely appreciate them all!!!!!

  12. your daughter says

    Ok mom, guess what I am making tonight? I have been thinking about Pesto Shrim all day and night!

  13. u know this dish looks right out of a fancy Italian restaurant ! i’m a gr8 fan of pesto myself and have a couple basil plants going in my garden.

    Will defi try this lovely prawn dish. The tomatoes u used look so nice , something that i know i cannot get here.But i’ll try it nevertheless .

  14. Hey! Hey! Your new Le Creuset pan! Love it.
    Shrimp look pretty good too 🙂

  15. Ok, what’s going on here? The last two photos are overlapped, the big close-up of the pesto shrimp right on top of the…let’s see here…pasta with tomatoes! (I managed to see the page after increasing text size).

    Sigh…looking at all this makes me so hungry now…and I just hopped on over from Maryann’s manicotti post! Arghghgh…

  16. That shrimp looks so good! The shrimp along with some pasta with oven roasted tomatoes would make an excellent meal.

  17. Im drooling and having hunger pains it looks so good!

  18. I am huge fan of pesto! This dish looks breathtaking with all the colors. I usually make pesto with Basil, but made an amazing roasted red pepper and arugula pesto last year that through me for a wonderful loop!

  19. This recipe looks perfect. Wish someone would make it for me tonight! I just broke out my Le Creuset grill pan yesterday for my grilled sandwiches. I love that pan!

  20. shrimp and pesto yummmmmmmmm

  21. Marie- We are of one mind about the Basil… when I lived in Brooklyn, I would walk from the train down 79th St to 16th Avenue. During the summer, there was a man who had planted, in his five by five ‘front yard’, a field of Basil (the greens provided a lovely foreground for Our Lady on the Half Shell). As I came to the base of the stairs from the train, I would find myself on sensory overload until I reached the far end of the block. What a treat!! Even better was the time I caught him outside; I expressed my admiration for his beautiful garden and was rewarded with two large, solid handfuls of the best of his crop, as fast as he could pick it. I couldn’t resist chewing on some on the way home. And let me tell you- there was pesto for half a dozen meals made that day.

    Now you have my two cents… thanks for sharing your beautiful meal with all of us…

    Johnny T

  22. Okay, I am officially STARVING! Seeing these last couple of recipes just did me in!

  23. Everything sounds and looks delicious around here! Cooked perfectly,simple fresh ingredients.Beautiful,as usual. Congrats on your new pan. It’s a charmer. I have pesto waiting to post also. Great true! haha

  24. Delicious as always Marie:) Love pesto too!!

  25. Marie, this is gorgeous, and fantastic merely on it’s simplicity.

    I’m going to have to try this…plenty of pesto, shrimp and cherry tomatoes ’round here!

  26. I always have some pesto in the freezer for just such an occasion as this special dish.Without my garden it is not fresh but it is delicious and homemade still…but by someone else.

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