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Although this takes about 2 hours to make, I guarantee you wont mind it, because it fills your home with a wonderful aroma, and besides, the oven is doing all the work!

I got this recipe out of an Italian magazine a couple of years ago and loved it because it goes great with any kind of grilled or roasted meats. Simply brush some thickly sliced onions with olive oil, and season with salt and pepper, place in a shallow pan and cover with foil. Roast for 45 min. at 350 degree’s F. Then uncover and roast them for another 40 min.

You’ll want to use a good balsamic that has been aged for at least 10 yrs. If you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a bottle Trader Joe’s has a great one( another plug for TJ’s!!) but I’m certain you can find some readily available other places.

Once the onions are tender transfer to a platter, and pour your vinegar right into the pan on top of the stove, and on medium heat let it simmer till thick, always moving it with a rubber spatula to scrape up the brown bits.
It didn’t take very long to become rich and syrupy. because of the quality of the vinegar.

Stir in some toasted almonds to add a little crunch, and spoon it all over the onions. The flavor is unbelievable!!!

Buon Appetito!!!

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  1. Mama Mia, slow roasted onions. No wait, slow roasted red onions with balsamic vinegar!

    I love when people turn simple ingredients into gold, or in this case purple is the new gold!

  2. I love to use red onions in cooking. I find most people use it just raw. This would go so well the beef Im roasting now for the man.

  3. Oven roasted red onions with balsamic vinegar sound really interesting. Another vegetable to try roasting!

  4. Even onions you make look sexy 🙂

  5. This sounds really good! I also use this Traders brand. Costco has one that’s pretty good also. The thicker the better! 🙂

    About that sausage dish…funny you should mention the peppers, today I heated up the leftover sausage dish for my husband and I at lunch and was wishing it had peppers. My mom made it with peppers too! 🙂

  6. Absolutely delightful! Onions don’t get enough coverage it would seem since they’re usually associated with “bad breath” but who could resist the color of these? Yum!!

  7. That looks awfully good. I’m imagining some piled on a juicy burger…mmmm.

  8. These are also nice in the Summer on the grill. Right, Marie?

  9. Oh yumm-EE!!! I love this & am SOOOO happy that I stumbled upon your site. Cook’n slow is the way to go (as long as there’s some vino helping you cook). Please, please, please let me add your link to my blog – I don’t get many hits other than my mom so I promise not to murk up your visiting pool.

    Grazie mille,

  10. Peter,Thanks for the nice comments!!

    Glamah, Yes they would, they’re so tender and sweet!

    Cynthia, LOL,thanks!!

    Laurie, OOh, I have to try the Costco one, as I go there all the time.

    Rowena, I agree!

    Karen You’re right they go great with burgers.Thanks for stopping by , and your comments!

    Maryann,Absolutely!!! Love them on the grill too.

    Amy,Hi, and welcome!You definately can add my link on your blog, thanks, I’d be honered!

  11. These look fab Marie, I’m definitely going to give them a go!! I love red onions and balsamic and slow roasting and…….:)

  12. mmmmm…I could make a meal of this with some good bread! This looks amazing Marie!

    I love Trader Joe’s too! Unfortunately we moved to a foresaken land where there is NONE. But I do get care packages once in a while! 🙂

    I am so making these! We are having buffalo burgers tonight and this sounds like perfection.

  13. Yummy that looks great!!!

  14. Slow roasted onions with balsamic vinegar….what more is there to say!!! Even the leftovers would be great if there are any..

  15. What beautiful color in this dish. It’s so pretty that it’s got to taste even better! Love, love, love balsamic, Yum!

  16. I’m with you on that Lor!

    Jenn, If you ever need a care package, let me know!

    Jenren, Thanks!! and we are all counting down the wedding!

    Valli, They taste great warmed up the next day, I always make enough for a small army!

    Jenny, I do too! And our favorite store has a real good one!

  17. Late to the party, but at least there’s still some of these fabulous looking onions left!

  18. Aw, thanks so much Marie! By the way these onions were AMAZING!!! We loved them!
    Oh and I just today saw your comment on my Travelcloseup blog! Thanks!

  19. Yum Yum Yum!

    Simple and pure!

  20. Passticcera, You’re welcome here anytime!

    Jenn, I’m so glad you liked them, did you make them with your buffalo burgers?

    Meghan,lol Thanks

  21. YES, they rocked!

  22. How much vinegar would you add to the pan?

  23. Toni Hi, Depending on how many onions you cook, I think for mine I used abou 3/4 of a cup or so. You just want to make sure after it cooks down to spoon some over each onion.