D O L C I !!!…(On the lighter side)

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Although I’ve made many desserts with ricotta, I’ve never once thought of putting it in my blender, until I saw Bobby do it on the Food Network. Something magical happens when you do that, the texture comes out smooth, creamy and rich tasting. You have to sweeten it up a bit, with a couple of tablespoons of brown sugar, then the sky’s the limit for flavoring! Amaretto, white chocolate liqueur, I think Bobby used Grand Marnier, but my favorite is Limoncello, I used about 2 tablespoons per 1lb. of ricotta. Throw everything in the blender, and make it the consistency you want, I made mine thicker than Bobby’s, just make sure it all smooths out! No one will ever know this is low fat!!


This is a favorite of mine which I make in the summer and winter.

Melt a little butter in a saute pan, add some brown sugar, when it all melts down and blends together, add some dark rum. Place your pineapple in the pan and cook it low and slow, turning each piece till everything soaks in and creates a slightly thick sauce.

Place it all in a pretty glass and dollop with a nice portion of Mascapone that has been sitting out at room temperature!

It’s warm, creamy, and the rum takes it over the top!!

Both of these desserts are quick to make, and taste’s oh so decadent!!


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  1. Limoncello is a great ingredient for desserts, Dolce Dama!

  2. Love the rum soaked pineapple. Yummy

  3. Your killing me. I love it all , especially that dark rum soaked pineapple.

  4. I’ll have one of each 😉
    The photos look so pretty, Marie!

  5. me too!! especially the ricotta and limoncello:)

  6. Those are beautiful dishes, Marie! I love those kinds of dolce. Your pictures are just fantastic!

  7. Wow mom, these look awesome!!

  8. Put the coffee on, I’ll be right over!

  9. Limoncello and ricotta sounds great! Add some strawberries and almonds and it is even better!

  10. Wow Marie,
    Both of these treats look fantastic! Beautiful pictures!

  11. This look sooo yummy!!!!! I like this type of Desserts!!! Gloria

  12. i really want to try some limoncello, i’ve seen so many Italians use it. And u should try a ricotta cheesecake, turns out great as well , have to blend it smooth in the blender before u add the cream n gelatin.

  13. It sure is Peter!

    Happy Cook, Yes, it’s mighty good!

    Glamah, you must try it!

    Maryann, No problem, come and get it!

    Lor, I new you would like the Limoncello one!

    Thanks Jenn,It’s all about the lighting, as you know.

    V, Thanks, come by!

    Jo, The coffee’s brewing!

    Oh, You’re so right Kevin!

    Jenny, Thanks so much!

    Gloria, Hi, and Thanks for your comments.

    Kate, I do make ricotta cheescake, my Hubby loves that.

  14. You bet I’m going to make this. Got to go hunting for the mascapone though.

  15. Yum!

  16. Wow, those both look so beautiful. Love the ricotta/strawberries idea. My boyfriend Bobby does come up with some wonderful ideas. 🙂

  17. These are terrific desserts, especially for one who doesn’t like to bake or measure exactly…I will definitely use these recipes. Thanks Marie!

  18. All these new ideas with Ricotta!! Someone is going to be requesting a lot more ricotta this week… (Our poor shepherd man…)