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Years ago, I mean YEARS ago, somewhere in a magazine I saw a picture of a store bought Panettone that was stuffed with pistachio cream, I have always keep that in my memory bank for something I wanted to try, since Hubby loves Panettone.

Well today, friends called and I invited them to stop by later for coffee. Of course it’s never just coffee! I had to have something to go with it. So I went into my pantry and there sat a box of Panettone, and I instantly recalled the stuffed one I had seen in an Italian magazine years ago. I even had some shelled pistachios! So I got on my computer and googled pistachio pudding, found something that sounded good ,so I quickly whipped it up, because it had to cool down for a couple of hours. When it finally cooled I folded in some freshly whipped cream!! Oh so sinful!!!
I even got adventurous and spun a little sugar on top, as that is what was in the picture. Never having done that before, it really didn’t turn out, I wanted it to be like thin strands, but mine turned out like thick brittle!!! Oh well, I kept it on for the pictures anyway!

I sliced the Panettone in 5 sections, and lightly brushed some Amaretto on the layers for some added flavor.

It did take a little longer because of the pistachio cream, maybe Cannoli cream would be good with it??? All in all it turned out pretty good!!

Have a great weekend!!!!!

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Sharing is caring!

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  1. Nice Idea!

  2. I like the addition of the booze 🙂

  3. Wow’HOW in the Hell can I stay on A Diet Looking at your Blog UJ

  4. m&ms, I thought so too! I guess you could use your imagination to fill it with whatever you want! Thanks for stopping by!

    Maryann, Me too!!!I used Amaretto, cause that’s what I had on hand, but probably other ones would be good also.

    UJ, Thats why I didn’t invite you! (ha ha), remember there’s a wedding!!!!!

  5. that looks sooo ymooo , i bet it’s too stonge and rich in the taste


  6. Hey that sounds great. I once tried a jar of pistachio butter (sweet and like a pistachio nutella without the chocolate). I’m imagining your dessert as that on panettone, wow!

  7. Piccolina, Welcome! and yes it was rich and tasty!!!

    Susan in Italy, Pistachio butter!!Ohhhh that sounds good!! Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Love panettone – this looks “yum”, lots of people use it for bread and butter pudding in Ireland!! I just eat it plain and simple but this could sway me:)

  9. I started to hyperventilate when I saw the first picture, all but passed out on the second.

    I did not know dessert could actually induce that sort of reaction on sight but evidently it can.

    Guess who is going shopping for pannetone tomorrow…

  10. Lor, You definately couldn’t eat this everyday! It’s much to dangerous!! I like it plain too!

    Rob,Hi and welcome! Your comment made me crack up!!! Enjoy your Pannetonne!!

  11. I have to say that normally I find panettone dry and blah, but this? This I could get excited about 🙂

  12. sognatrice, Hi and welcome! It’s not something you would eat every day, but its for a treat!!!

  13. Great idea! I made a trifle out of Panettone last year. I will definitely try this. Your photo is great, showing all those layers…Thanks!

  14. lori lynn, Panettone triffle sounds gooood! Thanks for your comments!

  15. I’m glad I found your blog—except that it’s making me crave all of your food so much I can hardly stand it! I can’t tell you how wonderful all of it looks (loved the ravioli, for one).

    Anyway. I love panettone, even though the only kind I’ve ever had is store-bought. I’ve actually entertained thoughts of trying to make one this holiday season. It won’t be as fancy as this one with the pistachio cream, but I hope it’ll turn out well. My husband would adore it, I know.

  16. Thanks lisa, I’m glad I found yours too! Lets not be strangers, since we are both from the good old state of Illinois!!!

  17. Marie, I know I have asked you before, but, please, may I come live with you? 🙂