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Today the girls in the family got together to make our annual Meat Ravioli’s. This cherished recipe is from my Daughter in Law’s Nana,
who by the way, is a Die Hard Foodie, and the women is in her 80’s!!! I thought I would share the fun day we had making them,with all of you.

Thank goodness for modern conveniences! The food processor makes wonderful dough!

The meat mixed with spinach and cheese were carefully formed into the perfect sized balls, not to big and not to little! and then placed on the dough in the ravioli trays.

Then another piece of dough was rolled out nice and thin and placed on top to cover the meat mixture.

Here’s how they looked when they first popped out of the trays!

I think they turned out just right with the perfect amount of meat!!

We put them on cookie sheets, and popped them in the freezer to freeze individually, then placed in zip locked bags. We counted them all up and realized we did 400 in 2 hours! We were on a roll!! We all had our specific jobs and it worked out great. We said our goodbyes and I went home with my bag of goodies!

Of course we had to try these fresh little Rav’s right away so, as soon as I got home Ipulled out my pan and made a quick marinara, olive oil, a little garlic, some basil, and good tomatoes!

I cooked them up, and as you can see NONE of them broke up in the water!!! Hubby was downstairs watching a football game ,he quickly ran up to get a plateful, then ran back down, and I didn’t hear anything from him, so I yelled out “Well, what do you think??” His exact words were” I can’t talk, …these are exquisite!!!!” I laughed, and called my daughter in law and she got a kick out of it too.

I guess that sums it up!!

Thanks Lena!!!

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  1. Nothing quite like homemade ravioli is there? Well maybe homemade gnocchi…mmm….

    I see you have your San Marzanos 🙂

  2. great post Marie – the ravioli look “perfect”!! Nothing like the home-made kind:)

  3. Your home made raviolis look good.

  4. sognatrice, Thanks for stopping by! I have to agree with you. I have a weekness for homemade ravioli’s!!

    Hi Lorraine, Thank you!! We had lots of fun making them. I bet the MIL makes good rav’s!

    Kevin, Thanks! They are worth the work!!

  5. ok here’s the deal!! You gotta come up with diet versions of these receipes cause soon we are all gonna be on diets trying to get ready for the wedding!!!!!

  6. u ladies are such pros !!! i want some too , they look just perfect.

  7. What can I say? Perfection, Marie! I really want some now haha. Those san marzano tomatoes are the best, aren’t they? Great job! 400!?

  8. Jenren, that would be hard! How many Mths do we have???

    Kate, Thanks for the visit! I have to admit they were good!!

    Maryann, I’d share my ravioli’s with you anytime!!!

  9. 400!!!!
    Whow! That is massive. I never managed so many in so little time!!!



  10. jim centanni says

    Thanks proud Italian cook, I found the blog from wayne’s mail. Great blog on raviolis , reminds me helping my aunt and mother make them for the holidays. I want to try to make them, have been thinking about it but your blog reved me up! I will try this holiday. Thanks Jim C

  11. Francesco, Hello, and thanks for stoppin by. Yes 400! We all had different jobs to do and it worked out well, we even surprised ourselves!

    Jim, I hope you do try making ravioli’s. There’s nothing better than homemade!Thanks for the visit!

  12. It is so much fun to cook with family! I love this post. Your ravioli looks delicious. The photo of them in the water makes me want to try it myself, as when I buy them, they do break apart. Yours look perfect. What other fillings have you made?

  13. lori lynn, Thank you! Some of the other fillings we make are… of course, ricotta & minced fresh parsley with lots of romano or parm cheese… ricotta & spinach again with the cheese…and I’ve tried butternut squash ravioli too! It’s all good! Let me know if you ever try them!

  14. Dear Proud Italian Cook,
    I love to use my food processor to make bread, so I would love your recipe for ravioli dough using the food processor. I’m making 1600 ravioli for my daughters wedding in Aug. I thought this would speed up the dough making process 🙂
    Thanks, Beth

  15. Beth, Please email me at prouditaliancook@hotmail.com and I’ll send you out the recipe and instructions.

  16. I just found your site through Pinterest and scrolled through and came across this recipe. It looks wonderful! I’ve never made homemade raviolis and would love to try yours if you would mind sharing the recipe for the meat mixture?
    Thank you in advance and thanks for sharing all your wonderful creations. I have a feeling i’m going to spend hours if not days trolling through your recipes here. :o)

    • i read from your comment that you found the recipe for Proud Italian raviolis. I do not see it. i would like to know where you found the recipe for them. i would appreciate a reply. was hoping to do them for Christmas. yes, hoping this Christmas. thank you. and have a Wonderful Christmas

  17. Cherie Fasbinder says

    I’ve read several of your ravioli pages, but no where do I see the recipe… you have my mouth drooling – I’d love to try to make these… I found a ravioli form and I’m ready… just need a good recipe, and I know yours is probably the best!