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I had a small pork roast and a lot of fresh herbs still left in my garden, and unfortunately tonight in Chicago will be our first frost!!! So, I gathered up the last of my Rosemary and Thyme to use for our dinner tonight. I thought I would try something a little different, normally I would rub the outside with lots of herbs and roast it like that, but this time I made a paste of olive oil, smashed garlic, finely minced Rosemary & Thyme, salt & pepper.

I generously rubbed the whole outside, with lots of garlic and all the herbs I brought in.

But the new thing for me was to cut open the roast, in half, not all the way through, but like a book. Next, I took out my meat tenderizer and gave it a few good wacks!!! and then I rubbed that aromatic, yummy paste all over it!! I rolled it up tight like a jelly roll, and tied it with string, and let it sit in my frig a couple of hours before I cooked it. The result!!! Unbelievable flavor infused through out the whole roast! I will definitely do this again, it was well worth the little extra effort!

As a side dish I made cauliflower and prosciutto in a garlic cream sauce, it went well with the pork. All in all, it turned out to be a nice Sunday Dinner!! Hope your’s was too!!
Buon Appetito!

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Sharing is caring!

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  1. Looks great! Cannot locate weight of roast, amounts of herbs and oil, oven temp and cooking time. Please help. Thank you.

  2. Going to make this roast on Sunday with with my balsamic grilled potatoes..
    Reduce Balsamic by about 2/3 and sweeten with sugar or honey
    Par cook potatoes in microwave
    (Here’s the secret I learned after many un-flavorful attempts)… While potatoes and balsamic reduction are still hot, cut the potatoes in half length-wise and, pour the reduction onto a flat plate, and place potatoes cut side down in the balsamic. Allow to cool for about 1/2 hr or so… as the potato cools it wicks up the balsamic!
    Brush with oil and grill (sometimes I sprinkle with Montreal Steak seaoning – it really does go with it)
    Top with sour cream, or goat, or Feta….or nothing at all!

  3. Kevin, Thanks, it was really easy and it gave the roast a lot of flavor.Thanks for visiting!!

    Joann, See you did it!!!!

  4. I am going to post a comment if it kills me.

  5. This roast looks and sounds great. I really like the idea of opening it up and infusing the inside with even more herbs!

  6. J,
    Good idea! UJ will be thrilled!!!

    Maryann,You’re the bomb!! Thanks for all your encouragement!!

  7. Marie, You are such a good cook. There’s many reasons for you to be proud. This roast is the bomb.

  8. Reebes,
    Next time I go to Sams I am going to buy one of those gigantic boneless pork roasts, cut it up and try making it this way. Be nice on a cold day to have the oven on.

  9. Kate, I don’t see why not, it would probably taste yummy!

    Valli, You got me inspired with yours the other day, it just so happens I had one in my freezer from Costco!

    Lorraine, I agree,garlic and herbs so simple,but packs a lot of flavor in any dish!!

  10. Unfortunately my Italian half doesn’t like pork so it never features in our house. This looks great, I love meat cooked simply like this, I don’t think you can go wrong with herbs and garlic!!

  11. This is certainly a delicious and aromatic way to prepare a pork roast. I would have really enjoyed dinner!!!

  12. I’m not a pork eater , but if i were …i know i would’ve really enjoyed this roast.I’ve been wanting to make a beef roast almost forever , but somehow just havent gotten around to doing it. I could use the same method n try it out.

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