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It hasn’t felt much like fall here because the weather has been so warm, with many days still in the 80’s. Until today!! Finally, fall has arrived! The temperatures are cooler, the trees are full of color, and the leaves are falling everywhere! So today is not a cooking post, because the whole day was spent outside enjoying this beautiful day!! Thank goodness for leftovers!! because that is whats for dinner tonight!!!
Here are a few pictures of Fall Chicago Style!
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  1. Beautiful! My son is in Chicago now.

  2. That is definitely one of the things I miss about Chicago. I’ll be there next weekend, looking forward to seeing all the fall colors.

  3. Maryann, Hope he enjoys his visit, and gets to eat some good food!!

    Lori Lynn, The trees will probably look even better next week! Are you going to have an Italian beef???

  4. I just discovered your site and have already fallen in love with you!! I have a goal to try one of your recipes a week! I love that you not only have cibo bella, ma hai le foto belle anche!!! I am hooked! baci baci