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I’m all for a nice Sunday meal that I could put all in one pan, this dish not only tastes fantastic, it smells the whole house up!! Besides, once it goes in the oven it frees up your time to do whatever else you want ( write another post, take pictures, read other blogs) LOL! This is so easy all you have to do is sear up your chicken & potato’s, add lots of crushed garlic and herbs, deglaze the pan with some white wine and a little chicken broth, put it all in a hot oven, and when it’s almost done, throw in some artichoke hearts and peas. I got a little adventurous, with some pizza dough I had left over, I cut off some in strips, twisted them, and baked as breadsticks. Honestly they turned out better than I thought, a nice addition with the chicken.

Buon Appetito!

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  1. its sure looks like it was a big hit :DDD it looks very comforting , very home 😀

  2. I am so excited to see Chicken Vesuvio on your blog. I think it is a dish unique to Chicago, just like Italian Beef Sandwiches??
    I would be curious to see if anyone outside of Chicago knows this dish?
    Yours looks just fabulous.

  3. lori lynn, Iam so use to chicken vesuvio around here cause its in so many resturants, I would be curious to see if its outside chicago!! Thanks for visiting!!!

    Kate, Thank you I appreciate your comments!!

  4. I just had lunch and am hungry again, thanks to you! Oh this looks so delicious! I have heard of this dish but you don’t see it offered in too many places in NY.
    Are you watching the Columbus Day parade? haha

  5. Maryann,
    Wow,I never knew it was exclusive to Chicago! You learn something everyday! Our Columbus parade is on Sat.this year which is unusual! I hear its big in N.Y.! Martha was talking about it on her show today.
    Thanks for all your comments!

  6. I’ve never heard of it, looks delish though. Really simple with great flavours!! This blog business takes time so anything quick is great:)


  7. I am so enjoying browsing through all your recipes. I have added you to my reader so as not to miss a thing!

  8. Lorraine, You have to tear me away from the computer sometimes! Blogging is so much fun!!

    Valli, I did the same with yours!!!

  9. I made your Chicken Vesuvio recipe and it ROCKS. Trust this Chicago boy when he tells you its his favorite. I have been looking, a long time, for a good Vesuvio recipe and yours is the keeper.

    Thanks Much!!