Ah… Sweet Basil !!

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Is there any thing better than the smell of fresh Basil ?? With an abundance of it growing in my back yard I feel guilty not using it every day. So I try to incorporate it into many of my weekly meals. Caprese salad is a staple,and fresh tomato sauce is just not the same without it. Fresh Basil was the star in a rice salad I made the other day, without it , the whole thing would have been Blah. I even make a bouquet of it and place it in a vase on my counter in my kitchen so I can smell it and savour whats left of summer. My next project is to make pesto, I believe I have perfected it, keeping it green is the key! I can’t wait to hand some out to family! It will be a sad day, when again, I have to start paying for my basil through fall and winter here in Chicago.You may ask “why don’t you dry it or freeze it?” the answer is I have.
It’s just not the same!
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  1. i agree with you; the fresh aroma of basil from the garden is one that can’t be beat. once you go fresh, dried and frozen are pointless.

  2. I agree. I love basil. It makes a beautiful arrangement in the kitchen too. And then just makes the whole house smell like fresh food.

  3. Sounds good! The tiny containers is a good idea too! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  4. Love Basil! 🙂 I found this recipe in one of my food network cookbooks that looks good! It is a pasta salad with pesto, feta and tomatoes. We might have to try it for Tony Bennett in little containers maybe! Trying to determine what other fun things we can try this year?????

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